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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!! FoGuangShan Photomaton, sl DGM Buddha

Swann Jie at sl Digital Guqin Museum, with friendly giant Buddha!

Visited FoGuangShan in Dec2011, at their Buddha Memorial Center, and am impressed by everything I have seen. Its been managed along the lines of the Louvre Museum; fancy shopping malls, good coffee, ice cream the whole package. Many clean large tables for rests w high backed chair clothed in removable cloth coverings like in fancy restaurants. I am most amused by two installations. First one is the "How to become a Buddha" - you are asked to step inside a secluded area with a reflection mirror. Some words are flashed on the wall, you are to repeat the words out loud, and that would trigger a mechanism. The words were, I will be kind etc etc and the flash that comes up was a halo, and the word "I am Buddha" is lit up. So everybody becomes a buddha if they do good. A very simple easy to understand way of Buddhism.

Installation number two was a giant size camera.
You put yourself on the foot prints on the ground and use the touch screen on the camera, facing you. It offers you many locations of FoGuangShan, Switzerland, Taiwan many places. Once you choose your location, you take a pic, and type in sender, email and off the picture goes.
Especially good for people who didnt have a good camera on hand. You could still get that special souvenir photo!
Global locations on the photomaton screen.

I know that in sl there are many Buddhism worship places, so I will try to go visit them later. I remember I had visited a place with Dalai Lamas picture.

And, I found a Buddha in my own inventory, so i set up a photo place at Digital Guqin Museum for those who cannot go to FoGuangShan but still like to have their avatar taken with a big friendly Buddha. Its rather nice. I enclose a sample picture here too.

You are welcome to visit Digital Guqin Museum anytime.

Currently its here: Pelinor 60, 6, 271

Come get a picture of yourself with the Giant Buddha!
You will have good wind, great sun, and much happiness!!

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