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Friday, 27 January 2012

I am my films***half

I am my films - Werner Herzog ***half

genre: interview of director Werner Herzog by Erwin Keusch

The film goes by a chronological order of works by Herzog. Herzog talks about what and in which circumstances where the films made, difficulties, actors, costumes, his own back ground, how he broke into houses as a youth to sleep here and there. Most interesting part is a recording of Klaus Kinski how he shouted at Herzog when he was a new director. I can imagine the crazy guy screaming non stop with spittles flying all over the place. Herzogs films are very authentic courageous self expressions. I watched Fitzcarldo many years ago and was amazed by the scenes shown in the movie, poetic, magical, powerful. But when I saw the making of this movie, thats when I discovered that they didnt "just hauled a boat over a mountain to make the film", not once, but twice!!

If you dont have the nerve to tackle difficulties which occurs in film making, you will never make it as a film maker.

He produces all his own films. Maybe his film making is his destiny? Such is the strength of his conviction of what should or not should be filmed? A natural film maker, it takes him 3, to 4 days to write a script as he could see everything in his head already. The movie plays in his head and he writes it down.

Inspires me to watch all his films.

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