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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rosetta ***, Pollock***half, Hannah and her sisters***half

Rosetta ***
Dogme film of a struggling young girl at a trailer park. Her decision to find a real job and be honest and not a beggar nor at the shadow of someone else's help makes her a strong willed character. The film shows all the everyday banal, heaviness of poor peoples living. In the end, she has committed betrayal to her only friend, but he forgives her because he sees and understands her. A ray of sunlight comes into Rosetta's life. We never see the young man much, just Rosetta and her struggles. I am often amazed by the uninventiveness of "white trash" people. Surely Rosetta could have gotten a job somewhere if she persisted. Shes clean, local person (not an immigrant, speaks the local language) where did she come from? She looks almost angelic, for a girl like her, certainly she could have gotten a job somewhere. The premise of the movie is not convincing.

If Rosetta was less good looking, or say even banal stupid looking, then her position and solution would be believable but we viewers would not want to watch such a character due to unattractiveness.

I noticed that in all the scenes, color schemes are well put together, very esthetic and very quick paced well told story of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. Two important abstract painters of the 50s.

Hannah and her sisters***half
A very intricate human relations story, i like everything in it. Woody Allen has all these complicated people with comfortable surroundings, and neurotic lives. Mia Farrow is very pretty, really like an angel. The other two are realistic people with more imperfection. And the old painter that the young sister lives with, why the hell she even began to live with him? I would say, its a good thing that Hannahs husband seduced her, as a stepping stone to get out of this crazy prison.
Well,I think I begin to like his films afterall.

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