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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Wotthe Dickins's Av dolls with self created original software

Wotthe Dickins made a software, he scanns the body of the avatar, and outcomes a miniature doll replica of the Avatar! Very expressive little dolls. :)

Side view

Original Av and doll

Original Av and doll

Av doll

The Doll sculptie is very interesting because its scooped out in ways thats determined by a logarithym, almost metallic as the cut outs are always in straight lines, so we are facing a form thats like a rough cut rock. Very sculptural and efficient in lines and shapes with color textures directly from the original

Painterly and sculptural forms - shows the efficient strokes of the texture and the "cutting" unlike the original AV which is smoothly powdered like cotton swabbed. In painting, a good picture is one where you see movement of surface areas and strength of the strokes, the intention of the direction of the beginning to the end of the painter. Therefore, the original AV is an illustration type of "drawing and painting". In real life, make up is to be applied as smoothly as possible, whereas in paintings we want to see the artists expression - the inner emotional flow of the artist - we want to see life. Most users of photoshop deploys a dabbing type of treatment of surface - especially for faces. Most AVs are smooth porcelain surfaces, whereas here, the dolls are charming, they are miniature sculptures. On the other hand, a logarithym doesnt really distinguish one part of the form from another, it just regularly sweeps over the form and models it based on whatever pre-determined rules therefore, yes, it is also uniformly in "rough cut" stage.

How could this rough diamond sculptures become an intentional sculpture? Is it necessary?

This rough cut has great charm, and if we see it in real life such a miniature scultpure, i think it would be v good too. No need to smooth out the facets. Its beautiful as is.

If a plotting machine drafts out evenly a painting, how could a painting become more "intentional" and not mechanical? If the artist wish people to see more of the human part of the artist?

This reminds me of the pleasure of the software Plopp - where a shape could be drawn and you just puff it up like a balloon! Very simple, something for children to play with.

The cushions are made with Plopp.

Download Plopp here for fun, it can only make simple shapes like the forms of shaped balloons in real life, unlike the geometric cristal geometric formations as in the Dolls of Av above.

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