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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Two v gd documentaries RL+SL

Met Eifachfilm Vacirca today, he showed me his two documentary films. Very good especially for those who doesnt understand virtual worlds, and what it means to people in them.

[3:23] Eifachfilm Vacirca:
[3:23] Eifachfilm Vacirca: and then this one
[3:23] Eifachfilm Vacirca:

Film review on Sl+Rl documentary: by Eifachfilm Vacirca
Very well made, clear and human, very informative and we have a balanced view of what sl is like for an intelligent person in year 2010.

Two very well made documentaries on sl+rl, on addiction, why people are so engaged in sl?

I retain two points from the films:

One is authenticicity of "soul" in sl, the other is, the soul seem to be much more attractive to the point that the physical person could live with the "soul" and start his physical life from zero again.

In real life, perhaps due to social conventions, talking "soul to soul" is maybe not so common for many reasons; you may not have the occasion to, or physically it takes so much time before you reach the proximity to be able to do it, that its nearly impossible to spend time to find out which is the one. Whereas in sl, you could get v close to another av, because, that av is probably in there for the same "lack of soul mate" state, that, its much higher probability that you could come across a soul mate than in real life. Besides, in my opinion, in sl, you need not put up with real life logistics - like smelly socks on bath room floors, or washing dishes, this kind of daily small no fun things, un cool things. Thats why sl is such a dense dose of "soul to soul" moments, because you literally live without the physical dust to dust conditions. The organic continual decay of real life.

A Chinese medicine doc once told me, the brain is the general which gives order to the rest of the body, to cure someone, the mental state is number one.

Here directly from the mouth of the character, we see, in rl what sl meant for him.

And how sl is such a powerful platform, it allows people to live a part of their life that is ordinarily inaccessible in rl.

How many times could you say you talked "soul to soul" to your friend?
The character said, half the town knew him before, he was socially active. But after his marriage they little by little withdrew from social life, and they lost all their friends. I am shocked, does that mean, all those "social friends" have never gone any steps beyond the social superficial drinking-buddy level? I am v surprised. Is that what its like in real life for the character? No wonder he must go to sl to find the deeper level, a level in which exterier appearances could be adjusted as we all wish - like the Almodovar film, the transvestite says, hes using surgery to approach what he felt himself to be, his authentic self. Here in sl, no need to go to physical surgery, you could always make it approach your inner self as much as possible. And why wouldnt this be addicitive?

You are with your friends and your true self, all the time. What is there not to like?

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