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Friday, 21 May 2010

Pixel Cube (HuaHui Pixel Cube) as Cladding for any Architectural builds, University of Western Australia;

University of Western Australia: Flagship Challenge exhibition: Pixel Cube Cladding system for their New Building, the Pixel Cube skin can drap over any building, Dome, or regular square block buildings, free form flowing - the tiny units can negotiate turns w ease. Beautiful flowing skin for all architectural shapes. Demo here in dome.

Here, to save prims, clusters of cubes are made into one prim, therefore change of texture happens in clusters. In real life, each cube is unique.

Change of texture on the Pixel Cube.

Pixel Cube system display
Play! Click on the cubes!! Enjoy!
For individual cube display true to real life, go to: Eyebeam Island (33, 145, 939)

Visit the Pixel Cube Display at University of Western Australia, the Flagship Challenge here:

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