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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Chelles Proposal - MobileMusic; Cube Adopters: Pyewacket, PolyU HK, U of Massachusetts, U of Buffalo; exhib: U Western Australia

MobileMusic Cube sample

MobileMusic House with Real Life alum skin

1 Chelles Site plan

2 Place Gasnier Guy

3 MobileMusic on Site

4 fascimili: Certificate of members of MobileMusic, showing the full MobileMusic house, and the close up of their unique real life handmade cube, and specific URL.

5 Site plan

6 Close up of typical cubes + URL tag

7 MobileMusic in real life + 2d barcode in real life cube; Url tags for each cube

8 Cross boundary real and virtual experimental work; sample: cubes sent in from around the world; and 2d barcode url; cubes adopted by people around the world; International submissions of cubes participating in first phase of the MobileMusic Sculpture - first MobileMusic going up in Paris, ongoing...

9 With a visiter sitting inside, water pool is ankle deep

10 Interesting visitor , Nettrice Beattie, Boston/Atlanta, USA; from IBM sim will have a solo show in June : theme, AfroFuturism


Pyewacket's pack all the way from Australia, took only 5 days via real life Postal Service!
Pyewacket's special package with 3d glasses and her image in 3D - most beautfiul package w her Adoption fee in real life, because she doesnt want "mail order catalogue experience, like adopting a piece of the moon!" All good! Very beautiful!


Cube Adopter! Polytechnic University of Hong Kong has adopted a cube
, and exhibits the poster along with local Opera Icon event! Thanks !!

Poster at PolyU HongKong : Story of Digital Guqin Museum on one side, and Story of MobileMusic House Project on the other side.

Honored to be exhibited along w Cantonese Opera King and Queen: Yum Gieem Fai and Bak Shueet Seen ! Very nice pictures inside the exhibition hall!


University of Massachusettes, Professor Gary Zabel (sl Georg Jenick) has adopted a cube! Exhibition here at their Caerleon Art Collective Center!

UWA installation


Pixel Qi, a parallel development of xo-olpc

I would like to have Pixel Qi to adopt a cube! why? Why not? :)

Fan of xo olpc, Swann brings it to her MobileMusic house on the road

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