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Sunday, 30 May 2010

EGGs + BALLs : AXS/lab (Art meets Science Lab)" for University of Western Australia campus

EGGs + BALLs : AXS/lab (Art meets Science Lab)" for University of Western Australia campus

EGGs + BALLs : AXS/lab (Art meets Science Lab)" for UWA campus

Eggs and Balls at the top here after climbing many vertical ladders to access roof etc, you find a fun sitting group for special photo purposes... at all summits of special buildings people like to climb there and take a pic from the top. Here it is a special seating; no danger. Just enjoy!

Here is a first group pic of the Seats at the Peak.

UWA Campus Conceptual Plan

The basic structures are Geodesec domes mixed with regular house like forms of various sizes.
The spheres sizes shown : 4meter, 10meter, and 20m, and other custom sizes are possible following the need of the specification details.

Ground level should be left open much like a semi-public park, for grass and natural settings, paving. Access to the building are multiple. Walk up, elevators, escalators and stairs moving up into the Domes.

For regular house shaped volumes, we would have direct entrances on ground.

The Geodesic Spheres are interlinked by tubes for passages.

The advantage of the Geodesic structures are you could displace and reassemble as needed.

Pixel Cubes are overall aluminum skin cladding that covers both standard houses - as shown in sample of a two person garden house here - to much larger buildings.

For large surface areas, industrial prefabricated units
will be used.
For Individual Highlights, such as a sculpture landmark, we could imagine a collaborative hand made skin playing on graphics to be made as a sculpture, with a pre-defined picture; or freeform graphics as per designer determined rules.

On billboard size/use panels, large graphics could be reproduced for outdoor displays.

Each Pixel Cube will be one Pixel for outdoor tableau.

The wall surface could be flowing curves, woven like preshaped draping of cloth. If the building structure "desires" a flowing robe like skin, it could be managed easily as the Pixel Cubes are small building block like units. Each Pixel Cube would be like a "bead" in the cladding surface.

The Pixel Cube cladding gives an overall unity to the entire assemblage of architectural volumes.


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