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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Beautiful life for Aluminum! Crossing boundaries between real and virtual worlds; Private 花 魁 Windows to the World; new Chelles Sculpture Proposal

Chelles Sculpture Proposal here!
Real life in situ town square installation mock up

Adopt a cube!!

Access your URL in sl from your rl computer screen!

Private Windows to the World

花 魁

Aluminum Private Windows to the World in a 花 魁 HuaHui MobileMusic walk-in Sculpture/House:

Share a beautiful new life for Aluminum!
Get a Private Window to the World in an interactive MobileHouse showcasing your self expression through your personal 花 魁 HuaHui Aluminium cubes - from the fountain of your voice to flowers of our ears - crossing boundaries between real and virtual worlds at beautiful sites and museums.

Adopt a cube! Get yourself a mobile Private Window to the World!
Lets get together and build a 花 魁 HuaHui MobileMusic House -

Real World:
First venue: Paris, France;
Second venue: Bolognano, Italy;
Third venue: Boston, USA;

Virtual World:
Many locations,
IM Swann Jie for current locations

Temporary Exhibition
Le Monde Virtuel / Virtual World
1 Eyebeam Island
2 Digital Guqin Museum : installation in a sample context

Details :

Sample mock-up Certificate of membership of the MobileMusic House, with a portrait of the MobileMusic House in real life/virtual world locations, and a close-up of the personal unique cube.

some real life cubes

A sample cube with round 2d barcode linking your URL to the viewers in real life.

Interesting invention:

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