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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Science Sim, painting rl and photoshop, Charles Bukowski, Ornella Muti, Shuqi, Charles Fleischer

I received a land grant from Science Sim, 8000prims, now what to build on it? What is the next step to the mini abstract/concret world that I want to export to the real world?
Something not labour intensive but a gd idea. Labour intensive sim building is like making jewelry and idea centered sim is like painting. I like real life painting, the action itself which is a very different experience from photoshop painting. Photoshop painting are flat it is closer to adjusting co-ordinates on a map. In fact i see a lot of glossy pictures done w photoshop that fundamentally in the style of "air brushing" somewhat like cotton ball fluff. Notably Sci-Fi illustrations.

A funny talk by a comic - Charles Fleischer - using stamps. He showed different interpretations of scientist by various artists from different countries. I love stamps! I wish somebody invites me to make a stamp, an official government released stamp! Thats bona fide Affordable art!

To take a break from the mini world, I looked at the shelves where I put "to be read" pile. I like to have piles around so i could discover them when I need to.
Some books I classify and some goes in piles.

No, no Guqin song, no Guqin score, no Guqin ancient texts, no Guqin cd, no Ancient Chinese Architecture - no I needed a break - no, no tea manual, how to appreciate tea in English, Chinese, joke books, how to teach children to write poetry, Lewis Caroll, dvd movies w Shuqi very watchable by Feng Xiao Gang great director and what dialogues! "If you are not sincere, please abstain" (If you are the One), Greatest American Comics (all 4 volumes) no no no. Then here is this little paper back - Charles Bukowski "Souvenirs d'un pas grand-chose" - Charles Bukowski I remember from tv on the book talk show "Apostrophe" where he was drunk on the set and had to be dragged off the set as he vomitted all over the place and said rude things, and in the movie "Barfly", and "Contes de la Folie Ordinaire" w the beautiful Ornella Muti - i watched it in french and didnt understand much then but what a beautiful movie (maybe i should find it and watch it again?) So here I am with this little paper back - why not, so i started to read it. Bukowski is v v good!
Such life force and honesty, what a gift he made to us. He is like Proust, sincere in details.
I think people grow old and stagnant because they say too much glossy things and didnt reserve enough of their self essence. Proust said a lot of glossy things to his contemporary, he was the ideal guest and host and customer in fancy restaurants; and marvellous, he gifted us the volumes of his observations in all its details. Bukowski is generous in the same way.

What more precious thing could you share but your experience of a bona fide account of your life?

(Just watched a clip of Bukowski on Youtube, baaaahhh hes a monster, wow, nasty to women! Dont like this )

He said "starving doesnt create art, just time", "dedication without talent is useless...", "they all think they have talent...", "i hate 8 to 5 jobs, cant stand that, Johnny Carson, Grandma how are you... cant do it, now i sit around drink wine and you guys come and talk to me because you want to ask me questions, not that I give the answers, alright? " - no fluff here.

However not many people could stand/are in a position to hear "call a spade a spade".

The Nature of Paper Books
Such writings is best in paper books because of co-incidence reasons - when you want to gift your experience the other might not be in a receptive mode - so the best is a book! No need for any computer, internet to be on, no need for electricity, in day light, or lamplight, under a tree or inside on your nice sofa, in duvet blanket w something to drink - you and your book - Bukowski or Lewis Caroll and others - meet at the optimum moment!

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