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Saturday, 23 January 2010

QiQ litt capri jeans in real life

QiQ litt capri jeans in real life, here is a design - to be produced by Double Happiness jeans factory - they had asked for some jean design last year, now that I have some capri jeans, will it still work for them? If it does it would be marvellous!

If it could be printed on stretchy cotton, with a slight shiny sheen that would be so good. I have silk knitted turtle necks that are floral prints, so why cant we also have jeans printed? "Jeans" could be any style and cut now, what makes "jeans" jeans?

I noticed the jeans made in sub tropical asia is not at all the same thickness as in North America, and rightly so, the North American jeans in 35 degrees, 99% humidity feels like sandpaper grade seran wrap on your legs! So, we should go for silky thin stretchy breathing cloths for these "jeans"!

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