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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Certificate of Metaverse by Digital Akademeia,

I wanted to visit Kowloon sim again to see what is it that people like so much about the Kowloon sim? I think they like the grunginess and danger, and mystery and the relaxed ambiance as opposed to prim and proper ambiance of certain sims - all borrowed from real life Kowloon using historical photos. If you like Kowloon sim, go visit real life Kowloon! Its much more exciting!

Anyway, as I cant go to real life Kowloon everyday, I come to sl Kowloon from time to time to pretend I am having dim sum tea here... so, I came to Shop 0, this nice guy Haruka(from real life Japan) gave me his creation, a pair of v well made sun glasses but apparently this cafe doesnt sell anything but the posters are very informative about the real Kowloon Walled city. You could watch real life Youtube about Kowloon Walled City. Here a game is made based on the mysterious lively no-law land of the erased city.

Haruka has a certificate of metaverse on the wall, so proper and honorable. I want one too, but you have to really pass exams and the classes are in Japanese! Challenge; challenge! Given by In Yan, Digital Akademeia of Digital Hollywood University from Tokyo. I visited the campus with In Yan, at first i thought the antennae on his hat were human nipples but they are innocent lovelly mushrooms - soft and lovelly, nice smell too.

I really like this certificate! I will go to school to see if i could have such an honorable certificate. What i like about this is that the lessons will be in Japanese! Its interesting to learn in a foreign language. School starts in April.

I have to get my translator ready to see, how effective would it be to use a translator to attend classes? Univeral Translator Hud - available for free, from any language to your own language!

IM me if you cant find it in search yourself. :)

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