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Friday, 15 January 2010

Hair, Shoes, High Quality shop scenairos

Swann back at DGM

Swann posing at a shop w "Simon Hair" from Little Heaven by Falastear Aeon

Swann in her normal everyday clothes

Swann dropped by Little Heaven and met the creator herself, here she took on a male character to show the unisex new hair.

Cute peek a boo gloves

Since QiQ Couture and Swann Jie has decided to investigate how to situate the QiQ Designs, time to go shopping.

Hair, shoes, Shops - all through recommendations
Hair: from Sushimetal
Shoes: from Yoko Loon; actrice met from VolaVola full feature film.
Shops: from a stranger; he was wearing a very well made leather jacket - sculptie prim collars - unlike the skin textures of most jackets... so here are some pictures.

Best publicity for your clothing is to have an avatar wearing it!

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