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Sunday, 3 January 2010

3rd Jan10, Italian cubes, Italian beers, Medoc hot wine

Italian Beers! Absinthe beer Piccolo Birrificio Chiostro, a beer brewed with Absinthe leaves, to go w raw fish!

Pairing food with fine beer.

Top twenty most visited sims according to New World Notes,as shown in Hamlet Aus blog.

We were on our bikes through the rain and wind, stopped at Verdun, had a hotwine - the owner of the cafe said, he made it with Medoc and hopes the fragrance still intact - and what a cup of hotwine! It was served in a cafe au lait mug - next to the beach in Verdun. Full flavoured unlike any hotwine i have had in Paris which compared to this is more like apple cider - this one is deep red color. He also told us where to get girolles and cepes and good medoc wine, not from those supermarket - everybody knows supermarkets are thieves he said. :)

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