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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Shenlei Flashhearts Fairies Party, Wisteria Loon

Swannjie back at the WalkerIsland: "MobileMusic no3" an installation for Guqin in a wilderness garden.

Wisteria Loon invited me to her fashion show - come come... I said is it w all this catwalk things? No no dance balls, large dance balls. Fairy fashion!

So many fairies! The ambiance is charming! Huge flowers, rabbits, leaves you could sit on. The scenario created by Shenlei Flashheart, and beautiful fairy gears by Wisteria Loon. And the party was completed with photo souvenirs of the team. Swannjiejie had no fairy outfit in her wardrobe - she put on her green wings, the Newbie wings from one year ago - somebody said she was a fairy on vacation! :) So, no vacation from being fairy in this fancy garden party. Just wings will show her "fairiness" in her. The garden with giant flowers with so many people, a very good light and airy time - this time spills over into the rl avatar. Magical.

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