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Friday, 3 April 2009

Photo studio: suspension of disbelieve, Smiling Sands, Fross Maruti, sad installation

These are really more like postcards! A simple message, a cheerful pop note. These are not images with memories, its a message.
Hello! I am here, thats what it says.
Its nice... afterall, who wants to always have to get some message?
At the end, i enclose one postcard like photo, but the installation of a house - with some haunting, sad floating latterns, there is something errie and awful about it. Does the owner know what these words mean? It is the calling of dead souls... who would want that in a chic villa hideout? I like the villa very much, and I like the photo and the installation, but the words... something is not right. I put it at the bottom, so its not up here; it needs a lot of buffering. Lots of ice cream before hand. :)

Was looking for a photo studio - to demonstrate what Digital Fashion could be like using sl. After a round, Smiling Sands gave me a very good place, a Free Photography studio. It is a very good idea, I could see how much fun avatars could have. There are simple back drops w a pose ball, like sending a postcard. Or, phony set up where you pose, like the old days cardboard sceneries. And, 3D sceneries you could sit on pose balls. Many back drops with changing sceneries- and some globe where you sit inside. After an hour or so, suddenly I felt so tired. The idea is very good, and making it available for everyone for fun is good. But how tiresome! I suddenly felt so bored!
Take photos in sl with a real sharing friendship experience make the photo taking fun. But looking back at all these screenshots, only the person in it are interested, I never enjoy viewing machinima, or photos from sl. Some of them are really very good.
Over all speaking, its quite poor. And without a real living experience. Just posing infront of all these things - suddenly, I lost patience.

The idea is still good, but maybe in small dosage. Just like at a county fair, you might like to take a snapshot for fun, but if the entire experience is composed of taking snapshot after snapshot of "poses" - its really quite empty.

Sl photo shoot is to be taken in small dosage, I think. Unless, I am missing something very important. Maybe, a prolonged suspension of disbelieve...

pooped :(

There is something profoundly sad about this installation, even though the picture looks nice graphically. Because the words on the lantern is erry, it totally goes against the rest of the villa: this means, either the owner doesnt know what these words mean, he just used some cute graphics floating (he really doesnt care that much, as long as its Asian and cute); or he knows what it means, but still uses them in this way! as a decoration!! Both scenarios are off. Sad. Sad for the villa, sad for the words, and the lantern ritual. Terrible. But such a nice graphic installation, thats life. Incongruency.

I think the scripting people are happiest in sl - what they do is the real thing, no need for suspension of disbelieve!

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