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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kerrypet, snobby stone, scripting

some snap shots

Moonlit hotel launch event where I met a real life doctor who has a clinic in sl, treating respiratory patients.

Hanakos fancy ferris wheel, each pod is a small patch of private garden where you could lay quiet and see the sky above moving

Kerrypet came to help me resolve the linking and instant rezzing of the 3200 prim of random gift house. We fussed and fussed, very interesting. At the end, we got it to rezz, but they are not perfectly aligned this, is already a v gd result. What is sl if we have no scripting skills?

I try to explain to non-internet, non virtual world friends what it is like in the vw environment. I agree its got some great potential, its the future. But do I want to be a teacher in sl, no. Do I want to stay full time in sl, nooooooo. The charm of sl, once again and again and again, is the human element. Its like a sweet kindergarten type of environemnt where we could be silly and no one cares. But sl and make believe entire narratives restricted to sl is not so much fun. I love sl, but I love rl even more. How could I explain all this to my rl rl friends?

Suiseiki stone, the stone has very interesting conversation, it could distinquish messages from objects from real life avatars. To an object, the stone says, I am not available for chat... but in the same breath it speaks to me. hahahahha. Snobby stone.

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