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Monday, 6 April 2009

Linden Lab as a bank, why rl is so important, Aimee Mullins, Escher, VanGogh in Prim Painting = Primting

Eschers walking around topology puzzle in Primting

VanGoghs bedroom : want to buy it? And live in it? So you know how it feels like if you were VanGogh.

Eschers lizard in polygon graphics, sit on it!

Linden dollars make the SecondLife experience feel real - I imagine if LL has no real micro economy - if its all play money, I dont think so many people would be in it. It feels real. Like a tiny tiny me walking around. But, as usual I much prefer to be in the real size world. I want to see real people. Sl people are fine, and there must be very good reasons that they prefer to stay in sl. But I do miss seeing certain people in the flesh. I start to imagine, what does that person really look like? As I am a visual person, often what people say and what you feel from a direct visual input from looking at them, being near them, are two different packages of information. Usually in real life, the visual input overpowers their words. I believe I capture more from what I see - but its not really seeing as such, but having a physical presence. Some kind of aura, or vibration or some such unquantifiable input - altogether, I get an instant overall impression - no word will be able to explain and speak of this. Even buying a coat, you want to try things on, why would anyone begin to "fall in love" without having seen the real person? They are inlove with love itself. Anyone will do - give them a balloon and they could flesh out a face on the surface. :)

There is a new art gallery with unlimited prims for "primtings", basically, you would re-construct a famous painting in 3d - for example, VanGoghs room, reconstructed in prims. You could buy the room for yourself. Its a great idea, I like it, like toy houses. Then, I think why not exhibit some virtual models? Just like any object in sl... i saw reconstruction of real life sculptures into sl, like Leda and the Swan etc. Now painting in prims.

Good idea, mainly for fun! Like Clae Oldenberg's pop art objects: Giant size lipsticks, or electrical plug out of canvas - hes actually making models. Today, we have many new installation works including the top productions such as "The Cremasters" fantasy erotic real life execution for his films. He uses real athletes, and tiny waist persons. Real life phenomena of ideas carried up as far as the person could. Aimee Mullins, I like her!

I like them, this courage and generosity of exposure of unusal events. The fine execution of unusual aesthetic experiences, it makes you think, nothing is impossible.

There is so much in the world that we dont know about.

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