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Monday, 20 April 2009

HuaHui Magic Cube House, BamBam Sachertorte, Huahui house blog by HarumiT Tammas

Japanese blog about this house by visitor HarumiT TammasHere

I was showing BamBam Sachertorte the HuaHui house at Fairy Land of Shangri La, and he said, he would make a cube for me. A real life object. And he could have his son and his sons class make some too. They would like to make some cubes.

Suddenly, the whole thing bloom into the next real life phase of HuaHui DGM house.

For the real life construction of the HuaHui Magic Cube House, please sign up here.

As I have been invited to exhibit a piece of large sculpture at a very beautiful 18th century park, semi private place. Just 5mn outside of Paris - this real venue makes the HuaHui House building work more fun. Imagine all these cubes built from everyone around the world, I will exhibit their postal envelope too, if they have pretty stamps and etc etc. A parellel "Mail Art" exhibit with all the names of the contributors. Like a fine tapestry. A no waste proposition, a total art piece, imagine a giant size scultpure made by little hands, and poof, into reality in a beatufiul garden! Every contributor will be invited to come to the opening! I hope to get people from all over the world. :)

Bambam says if I do have a venue, people would make the work. If no results in view, people have less incentive. So here is the first venue of our HuaHui Magic Cube House. Garden party and musical event in the domaine garden under a big tree here.

So, here it is.
I invite everyone to submit if they like to be part of it.
Check it out!
The sooner we have all the cubes, the sooner we could exhibit and hold our first mini concert, garden party. :)

There is no rush, but as each cube is completed and receptioned, we will see the house actually growing cube by cube. Isnt that fun?

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