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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

wood block from stumps : burl to block; cactus juice; sharpening chainsaw; joints; sharpening axe; die grinder

A die grinder, also known as a rotary tool, is a handheld power tool used for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining material (typically metal, but also plastic or wood). They are usually pneumatically driven, although electric and flexible shaft drive also exist. Their name comes from one of their earliest and archetypal applications, tool and die work, where they were used to create the precise contours of dies or molds. Especially before the advent of widespread CNC usage, they were heavily relied upon for contouring via manual skill comparable to a sculptor's. CNC now provides much of the contouring for die and mold interior surfaces, but die grinders are still very useful for hundreds of cutting needs, from sculpture-like contouring in the absence of CNC, to cut-off of bar stock, to any of the cutting and grinding needs of fabrication, such as in the work of welders, boilermakers, millwrights, ironworkers (steel erectors), sheet metal workers (such as auto body workers and HVAC technicians), to woodworking (especially cabinet making), hacking, and other hobby or business pursuits. Die grinders are often used for engraving, cylinder head porting, and general shaping of a part.[1] 
Making A Marking Gauge (fast, also how to make dowel too)n
wood vice 
Making a Simple Marking Gauge 
How to cut a lap joint with saw and chisel - An exercise in paring 
How To Make Your Own Housing Joint 
How to create a strong mitre joint  

 Butt Joint

Accurate dowel joint. Simple, fast, and easy.

How to Make Mortise and Tenon Joints with Hand Tools  
Traditional Woodworking Demonstration - Joining (Dovetail & Mortise and Tenon)
hand crank sander
sharpening an axe
tenon joint
sharpening chainsaw
loose tenon joint 
butterfly joints
biscuit joints

parafin is applied to end grain to slow down drying process so it doesnt crack, otherwise its not useful, only gd for firewood.

wood juice? soak for a few days!
cactus juice!

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