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Friday, 27 February 2015

today + yesterday at Exhara.

I sometimes go visit the old sim locations that I know.
Even though it is in the Virtual World, its interesting to see how it has evolved.
Exhara was a lyrical jazzy place w stylish interiors.  Yesterday I went to visit, it is now a sailing club with a map of sl.  This map is interesting.  Even though the blue grass patch is gone. 

Has the club moved? Or in storage?
The Virtual World is only interesting if the graphics and people in it are into something they love.  If it is a replacement for real life business enterprise, it is but a rough reproduction of real life.  

Sl is a very good mock up of real life.

Some Today+Yesterday photos:

Exhara today : sailing club with airport, map of sl 

Exhara yesterday : blue grass, jazz intimate home

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