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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Psychiatrist letter to the young, on FB :: On Fifty shades of grey

Shuengit Chow  

There has been quite a few movies out about bdsm/ various "refined forms of sex play" whether in private home, or clubs, or formal semi-public scenarios, and, also in virtual worlds - very well made, high quality graphics - many many types of play acting... apparently its a game favored by intellectuals - the movie I havent seen it - but because it is a movie, its main purpose is to make commercial success, its not there to "teach" you anything or "cure" you etc. From all the talk, I doubt its anything more than populariing the "thrill" of unknown for the general public. As for bdsm etc, there are famous court cases and report/ficitonal/docu accounts of real life stories a few years ago - concerning a banker and his lover - that is probably as much reality as you will get. And such stories are usually sordid at the expense of the weaker person in the story. Young people /20+ students often talk about bdsm as "playing sm". Its got a hidden glamour of a sort. Another movie which was banned for many years in UK, for cruelty, for a long time is "La Maitresse" with Depardieu and Bulle Ogier. However, I do think, if nobody even heard of it, the attraction is probably is stronger still. There are also sub culture - like bondage practices - in the documentary, by a documentary film maker. " practices; by Hito Steyerl, Detail from "Lovely Andrea", 2007. The world of profit making through sex, images, practices. One of the photographer said, the more the police restricts, bans these publications, the better the sales. Once its not banned, the business goes down hill.

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