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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Book review:繁花*****

繁花 ***** by 金宇澄, 
Shanghai, publ. online as a series, and published as a complete novel in 2012

 in Chinese, 2013, aug.  ed: Ink, Taiwan

Finished reading this unique, beautiful, sparkling book.
Took me a long time, because so many people coming and going
But what a book, from lawyer to hooker, everybody speaks about their lives.
There are external description, dialogue, clean, clip and economical, and super smart.
There characters with the many twists and turns, the strangely pitiful big shots and ill fated pretty girls.
The totally unshy country girls in hair salons
Old men dying, lovers taking leave of one another, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters
Lust, love, and sex.  Factual sex, no frilly romance.

This should a be very good book for an animation film - beautiful patterns, door ways revealing colorful people and clothing suddenly closing turning into a grey square.  Thats really animation technique.
And, of course, could be a film with real people too.

I could imagine different directors treating the novel in each their own ways.
Now, how many novels are capable of this?

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