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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

xyz Qin at upcoming Chime meeting in Netherland

xyz Qin at upcoming Chime meeting in Netherland, Sept2012

Proposal accepted. 
Audio visual presentation of the xyzQin project, short film 5mm.


From 6 to 9 September 2012 The CHIME Foundation and Leiden University in The Netherlands will host a workshop on the topic of Chinese Instruments and Western Museums. Everyone with a passion for and research interest in Chinese instruments, and/or interest in how to present them in museum contexts, is encouraged to submit contributions. The meeting should be of interest to museum curators and others who work with instrument collections, and to scholars active in the realm of Chinese instruments and instrumental music. We hope to bring museum curators and afficionados and scholars of Chinese instrumental music and musical instruments more closely together in a workshop of modest dimensions and with an informal character.
We have slighty extended the deadline for submission of papers until Friday 20 April.
The meeting takes place in the wake of the initiation of the MIMO project (Musical Instrument Museums Online) which was started in September 2011. MIMO opened a public online access point to the musical instruments catalogues of the project’s affiliated museums in Europe ( 

The meeting in Leiden is a joint initiative of the CMA (Chinese Music Archive) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the CHIMEFoundation in Leiden (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research) and Leiden University. We look forward to a lively meeting with individual papers, practical demonstrations, discussions, films and some performances. Possible topics include: the relationship between Chinese musical instruments and European museums; biographies of individual Chinese musical instruments and/or special Chinese instrument collections; Chinese musical instruments within and beyond museum display; potential collaborative research and database creation projects; Chinese musical instruments and European (post)colonialism.

The languages of the meeting will be English and Chinese. Please submit abstract proposals for 20- to 30-minute presentations in English (max. 350 words) to CI& on or before 20 April.  The result of our selection will be announced by 30 April 2012.

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