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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lochristi Sculpture Symposium Flanders, Sunday Robot

Sunday Robot : picnic pose, stainless steel, 2011.
copyright: Shuen-git Chow

top: maquette; bottom: full size approx 2meters.

photo of maquette by: Bennie Vanderpiete

photo by: Bennie Vanderpiete

Sunday Robot at Lochristi, Belgium; 2012 May

We had 7 days to make the 2meter plus sculpture.
I had time to assemble the pieces into position in stainless steel.
Tig welding was used to join the pieces together.

Here are the photos of the maquette and the full size piece.
The full size piece will be fine finished in a "wedding band" weld at the factory.

Very interesting experience, beautiful town with Begonia, Orchids and Azaleas.  Lace making bobbin factory, Horticulture museum, Cowboy line dancing tavern club, and v v gd breakfast.  I enjoyed very much such kind of breakfast.  And the largest portion of small fries I have ever seen!

Gent was very beautiful with a fine arts museum and a contemporary arts museum.  Very nice visit.

I am very interested in scrap metal patch work type of large sculptures now that i know how to do Tig welding!

Hope to do more in other symposiums.

An international symposium is above all a place to meet with other artists from around the world and have some fun doing things together and learning from each other.

photo: Steve Van Der Vennet

Great time!

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