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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

sculpture symposiums alloy, X-Femmes ***

Alloy symposium U Mass

 Films viewed: X-Femmes***,

 Shorts by women, explicit sex.  Produced by Canal+.  When explicit sex films are usually made by men, here are 9 short films by famous women. The one by Anna Mougalis is very interesting, called Les Filles. There are rough gals and shy young boy like gal, all trying to get the attention of a young man in a sleazy bar. Many subtle eye contacts, finger plays, rough language. The range of emotions are much larger than the other esthetic, or not so esthetic cerebral chic films. No explicit sex, only on a video screen in the bar to show what kind of hangout this is. I was not sure if the girl is a boy or a boy dressed up as a girl or a she male, not sure. She has the voice of a rough boy, and too much makeup. Like an Indian she male type of makeup, very strange ambiguous character.


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