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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Virgin Machine *** dir Monika Treut

Virgin Machine *** 
dir Monika Treut

Very interesting film, lesbian San Francisco scenes.
Story of a young pretty intellectual retro styled German girl - very friendly and healthy in the mind, smart and humorous - goes to San Francisco to look for her mother who used to be a stripper.
She comes upon a girl on the street giving out flyers for a women only strip show.
Attends the strip show, where a woman performer performs a sex strip tease disguised as a mustached man.  Much lewd gestures w bottles and bananas and v un-pretty audiences who look really like men from trash bins but who are actually women (why would any women, no matter how unconventionally un-feminine copy a way of being after this stereotype of man?  I could never figure this out in real life and in films)  She also meets another woman on the street who is not the conventional middle age house wife image, but artistic art admin person.  The conversation is very lively and charming.
The stripper takes a fancy towards the German visitor and vice versa - requited love both ways.
After the day out, the morning after, the stripper lover presents the girl a bill for all the expenses including time spent - the girl was put in the role as a client and not innocent romantic love.
Many issues are raised from this film it has a freshness and sparse mise-en-scene.  
You would remember the film, I did.

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