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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cherry blossoms - Hanami, German Oscar 2008 ***

Cherry Blossoms- Hanami ***
(In Chinese translation: When Cherry blossoms bloom), German Oscar, 2008

At first I thought another sentimental film with nice details.  After I watched it, its more than an emotional film.  It has many details that people don't normally see in films nor in real life.  Like a skeleton after the crematorium and the ceremony Japanese people perform for putting the bones into the urn etc.  And the dancing girls, lap dancers, bathing hostesses, food, Tokyo subways, lesbian relationships treated in a very open manner.  The cute girl friend of the less cute daughter, who turns out to be a much more stronger and more sensitive person - she took care of the part of the mothers interest in dancing.  She saw the part in the mother, her interest in Butoh dancing that nobody noticed.  However while she is driving, she also swears.  This makes for an interesting and convincing 3D characters.  The strong and cute person is strong in more ways than one.  The weak one plays the role of the cat - meowling all the way.  Usually the pretty one plays the cat and the strong one is not the cute one.
Then the young park-street performer, what about her, how does she manage in the park?  Unaccounted for in this film.  In the extras for the dvd, where most main actor and actresses gets to say what the role was and how they did it; the dancer was not even interviewed!  When this character is the turning point of the movie, v strange indeed.
It is a slightly sweet and nostalgic movie, the part I like are the hidden parts.

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