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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Voir la mer**

Voir la mer**
light romantic, French pink holiday comedy

The actress is very charming and healthily natural beautiful. She has that "little lost girl" innocence role to play - however, for someone who is an orphan, she seemed too well adjusted for the role.
Maybe the director wants to create a movie for someone?
She is seen in many scenes kissing, nude, v pretty.
The characters, younger brother v charming, older brother also is attractive because he comes across as a sincere guy. Both are car mechanics, so simple healthy do it guys. :)
And a crazy travelling supermarket jewellery vendor representative. For him to give a ring to a girl doesnt have the same meaning as an ordinary non-professional guy to give a ring to a girl friend. So story wise, it makes sense. He is also a nice guy, though little bit broken somewhere as he runs around w a gun in his hand and threatens ex-girl friends. His face is soft and a childish smile from a man in his 50s, thats not so bad.
Fun movie. The story even though made for a summer flick distraction takes troubles to show some emotional depth of each character.
For example the younger brother likes to sleep in the berth that the gal just slept in - because it smells so gd! The older brother is not so innocent. He doesnt get enamoured by these little details anymore.

Then a funeral.
Older people selling their camping car.
Second hand car salesman/repair man teaching the young brother to do car stunts.
Supermarket jewellery sales woman.

All these are very ordinary everyday French characters.
Very nice portrait of everyday France.

I like it, this pink movie.

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