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Friday, 20 May 2011

Source Code***, Tom Boy***half, Judge Dee*half

Source Code***
science fiction

a fun science fiction type of film, well made, gd entertainment, gd actor, w Russell Peter too!

Tom Boy***half
drama, docu, child-psychology film

a very sensitively filmed w child actors, all v gd, charming contemporary France, I especially like the mothers way of handling a childs play w gender, the little sister is so smart and cute w child like innocences and v natural, v gd w many levels of intricate human renderings - and no redundency nor too sweet type of kid film.

Judge Dee *half
kung fu, intrique, cg, mix bag of mish mash drama

a big production, but skewed shotty story, and Empress Wu is not a fashion doll - a total massacre of historical figure which is already such gd material for film - the decor is crass and rough, CG is n'importe quoi, they seemed to be saving money on supporting actresses, the whole film is a mix of fantasy cg and some kind of stolen scenes of battle jumping around in trees... no charm, make up of the actress is so over the top. Dont waste time to sit through this one.

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