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Monday, 2 May 2011

Thor ***

Thor *** outstanding for effects and CG.

Lots of special effects, the story is coherent unlike a lot of other comic books stories made into films, where the film just jumps along w many holes along the way.
Nice CG, I watched it in 2D, I think might be good in 3D. So far all the 3D movies I saw whether in animation or real life actors, its a lot of trouble for not much more pleasure.
Sometimes it even gives me a headache! Natali Portman is the same, always the pure young girl thing, big smile, frowns, pretty, stubborn, intelligent! Audrey Hepburn girl gets guy without much effort style.
Thor is very muscular, and Loki, a pale ghostly character, lots of boom boom bang bang, magic fizzz, tornedos, FBI, bridge from space to earth tunneling through storm and lightening, and leaving strange patterns like a landing pad markings on earth - aliens from afar in New Mexico!! Nice story!

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