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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

HuaHui Cube and Tensegrity structures May 2011

Recent work, tensegrity structure with metal. All work sphere shape 3meter diameter, copper tube, stainless steel cables, aluminum plates, glass beads, marble mosaic tiles, 2011

Details of the HuaKui Cube as basic building blocks

“Friend Me!” : HuaKui Robot 好友花魁-機械人
Slide show:
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HuaKui 花魁 BallBall 2011
Slide show:
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Nomad Stone 飛來石
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Flower 花 2011
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HuaHui MobileMusic 10%model, Taiwan 2010


Tell the Moon, steel and stainless steel, 6 meter diameterx 4.5m high, Yuzi Paradise sculpture Park, 1999

Some pictures of the sculpture in the Park here by sculptor Dina Merhav on her blog:

More work in hard wood, leather, copper wire, Digital Guqin music work

Stone, wood, and iron work coming...

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