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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Fighter ***

The Fighter ***
genre: real story, docu-drama

Camera work is very interesting, very fluide and fresh makes you want to watch the movie. The fighter brothers are both interesting, one the trainer, smart, cocky and crack addict who was ruined by his habit to not get to the big winner position trains his younger brother who goes on to win. The younger brother has to overcome a slew of sentimental hurdles. His family, an over powering mother who doesnt see him but always the elder brother. The monsterly 7 sisters, all ordinary people, fat and very white trash with names grotesque unbecoming names like "bear", etc However they all have little ones, and the mother does take care to not show certain things to very young ones. So the family is very rough but human, they are warm and hangs onto each other. The mother even though at a certain age, has a slim lithe body and is smart w cash and business in her over powering ways. Very nicely cast film and each character has a specific humanity even though they are rather general public lower working class/drug addict people.

Dicky and Micky. Dicky is the elder brother smart, well liked, even in prison has a "leadership" role and charisma. Micky is shown to need people around him, he doesnt really fight on his own drive. Both brothers have a weakness. One scene of Dicky recounting how he got started on crack - it makes his world feel light, light and not so heavy and he wanted that over and over again. This need for lightness beyond an ordinary need, where does this come from? Not shown but yes, already shown!! We could only guess from the rest of the movie, the family the town, the pale common people America context.

The Charlene character, girlfriend to the young brother fighter is also tough in her ways. She never plays "sweet" and "demure", she shows what working in a bar encompasses - a drop out from University because she was a party girl. People coming onto her, and street smarts.
This is a realistic movie. I like it. Everybody has their ounce of gold no matter who they are.
At the end, a short few minute scene with the real brothers - as this is a true story - I would have like to see a big close up of them. The real champs.

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