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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

documentary on landscape, Still Life,

Paysages manufacturés **

Documentaire (1h 26min)
De Jennifer Baichwal
Avec Edward Burtynsky


A National Film Board of Canada full feature Documentary on new landscape (mainly focused on urbanisation of China) - the landscape of garbage dumps, in China, in Bangeldash, on the changing landscape of urbanisation - the film maker took photos some interviewing questions, and displayed the large phtoos. he makes no comment, because he doesnt want to influence and put a right or wrong to the situation, but he shows.

The same landscape - urbanisation and people having to rip out entirely towns to make way for the three gorges dam - has been treated in Still Life. Here the movie maker is Chinese, and trained as an artist. He has a much deeper feeling, and nuanced in his choice of questions, and the building up of moods from the unsaid. This movie is poetic, slow, sad, nostalgic. Whereas the first film, I saw a photographer trying to make well composed photographs. The first one is all on appearance, and the second one not only in appearance,he has depth.

Everyone can make some film set in China and it will always look interesting... but who could give you a poem, with memorable nuances?

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