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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Swannjie Postal Gift Service, first spontaneus order today!

Today, somebody ordered a small sweet something to go with the Swannjie Postal Service card!

For 15us dollars, I will send them one post card, one sweet something - here it will be the famous French chestnut puree - and shipping with registered mail.


When i get all this stuff together, I will show you what a pretty present that makes...
Its signed by three enthusiastic children. Wouldnt you like to have children who send you a gift from sl to rl via Paris?

So the Swannjie Postal Service has developed into

Swannjie Postal Gift Service.

The gift begins with a postcard, which is 3us$, and could be any amount beyond.

800lindens for a card
4000lindens for a card and a sweet something to be decided between buyer and Swannjie
and any amount above and beyond will be entertained!

Talk to Swannjie, she will work with you to make your gift ideas come true!

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