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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Old sim, Deltango, Cade, Lzz, Hanako

Deltango wanted a Swannjie Postcard, so I am waiting for her message. She paid but no message coming yet. However I visited her sim, Maroon. An old sim. It is quite intersting, just here and there places and objects for fun. Vaste large, no much people around. Deltango has a huge treehouse... magnificent also sparsely furnished with oriental styled furnishing.

Lzz tped me to his home, a crack house. The first one i have been to in sl, we see lots of them in Amercian movies. So here it is, a hole dug into the sand with a brick building, a la crack house. Hahhahah. It is consistent everything inside with toilet signs etc etc. The crack house came with all the scenario sets made. Lzz installs this giant size flat screen wall tv.... not exactly crack anymore. But crack house as a style of living. He tells me of his love - lasted exactly one week - but he really loved her, but it was not meant to be...

I guess thats what speed dating means, quickie quickie.

Hanako showed me her latest fastest plane for tourists 10, at a time. The plane has her company logo on it. It was 3am in Tokyo and shes up fussing with the sl tourism business. I tried a free fall machine (Free Foll)

Actually, the entire sl is a sandbox that is why everything changes so fast. And there are temporary sandbox - free - and more permanent sandbox thats land - the neighbours changes and neighbourhood changes very fast - unless the owner never comes in - because what is sl? It is a place where you experiment and meet people.

If a place never changes - like a shop without anything new - no need to visit!

Sl is ideal for activities that requires changes. Not for stable installations. Because a 2D website, with or without visitors seems anyway flat, like a book - its gets read sometimes and no one expects the book to be always read. But a 3D construction if no one comes, and its always the same, we can feel the emptiness. Absence of human presences, that makes a place desolate no matter how pretty. Sl is ideal for preservation of prettiness though, becasue there is really no dust problem, you just pay monthly fees and its stays there, spic and span for everyone to see. :)

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