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Friday, 31 March 2017

Japan Party Nanterre - "BodyCapture" figurines with Luc Benhaim

 Luc Benhaim; shop
1-2 April 2017

A friend told me about his cosplay weekend, he said, he will have himself scanned and a doll made of himself.  If we want the .stl file will be available for 8$us.  Sounds very interesting to me!  I immediately thought... How about a scan of my xyz Guqin? 

So I got to the cosplay event - Japan Party - at Nanterre.  Went through a beautiful park, urban park, and full of cosplay people!  Mostly young 20 something with pink long hair, purple braids, animal shapes, warriors, star war soldiers with sound effects and fairies w wings.  All sorts.

So I got inside, and saw parents with children everybody all dressed up in medieval clothing.  And lots of gothique bloody makeup.  It was a fun day with all kinds of pop manga style get ups.

I found the BodyCapture stand and was amazed by the quality of the speedy scan!  Statuette making of the self has come a long way.  I had seen at Linz, a face mapping robot.  At autodesk trade show, a large cubicle for body scanning and tried it too.  But this one, ran by Luc Benhaim was a simple stand with one lazy susan turning platform for the body to stand on and it rotates around.  Then, the scanner is a small unit that sits on a column and travels up and down, scanning from top to bottom, while the turning platform rotates 360 degrees.  I first tried the body scanning dressed up as my usual self.  It was very very good, so sharp and gd colors gd details.  Then I had my xyz Qin scanned.  I had brought a huge clamp and had succeeded in having the qin stand vertically.  Mr. Losit did a photogrammatry overall portrait of the qin.  I had it done with the tail up, then, the head up.  The two images will be stitched together using a software created by the Russians called Agisoft invented for scanning sculptures in day light outdoors.

We wait 2 wks and will receive our scanned file links.  If we like it we could order statuettes of our body scan, a small one 7cm, or under 10cm, cost around 10 to 15euros, blank or colored.

I looked at the statuettes, great impressive details!
I remember in 2009, such a statuette would have costed 100$, and the details are no where this good.

3d scanning has come a long way.
I am glad that I came to visit the BodyCapture stand.

Mr. Luc Benhaim's website: ViveDemain, check out his gallery, you will more examples of whats possible.  Objects, furniture, different figurines. The scanning itself only took a few minutes.

Stay tuned, more later.

Luc Benhaim BodyScan expert ; Mr. Losit Photogrammetry expert                            

sg going home w xyzQin, scanned.
Will wait and see the results.  :)
Stay tuned.


Other Body Scanning in virtual world 2010 /Face mapping in physical world Linz 2011/:

>avatar whittling dolls by Wotthedickens , vr scanning, takes 15mn?
at that time a reproduced printed doll cost 100us for color print, I think 8" high?  Cant remember the size.  But not a tiny figurine.

>Wotthe Dickins made a software, he scanns the body of the avatar, and outcomes a miniature doll replica of the Avatar! Very expressive little dolls. :)

>Original Av and doll made by Wotthedickens in sl

>Original Av and doll - The AV is "rough" as it is wearing a graphics skin from 2007, the current skins are much more slick.  The doll is a scanned version of the rough skin, therefore, whittling effects.  But I think v interesting.

>Av doll

The Doll sculptie is very interesting because its scooped out in ways thats determined by a logarithym, almost metallic as the cut outs are always in straight lines, so we are facing a form thats like a rough cut rock. Very sculptural and efficient in lines and shapes with color textures directly from the original

>Painterly and sculptural forms - shows the efficient strokes of the texture and the "cutting" unlike the original AV which is smoothly powdered like cotton swabbed.
>current 3d printer small 7cm figurine (2017), 10-15eur bw/color; .stl file = 8us$


"Face Mapping" at Linz 2011, (Artist name here)

>Installation of a Swiss Artist (name and ref here) at Ars Electronica 2011, stitching topographic maps, high definition scans of faces of sitters takes 30mn.  Close up of eye

>Installation of a Swiss Artist (name and ref here) at Ars Electronica 2011, stitching topographic maps, high definition scans of faces of sitters takes 30mn

> result is a flattened strangely non focus but expressive face w great great details. Like a landscape you could scrawl on.

Autodesk exhibition 
(at Bastille 2014?) with a large installation of body scanning booth (Russian company name here):
(photo and name here)

I had tried the scanning, a room size fulling lit multiple flash while person standing on  turning device.  Some colors are not recommended during the scan - as it disappears and needs repairs.  

Definition is ok, persons face are distorted.  Sample figurines are shown.  Price was ?  

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