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Friday, 10 March 2017

"Chez nous" Lucas Belvaux ***

"Chez nous" , Lucas Belvaux ***

Watched this low key movie, on politics.  Very briefly the movie shows immigrants in low rental housing projects - very orderly clean and gentle environment, where the husband does not allow his wife to see a male gynecologist, and will refuse to talk to a home visiting nurse who is a woman.  The daughter is a very pretty, well fed, healthy yg girl born in France.  She also has her words to say about racism.

The extreme right group gathering people together, how to speak, move the crowd and never use the word "racist" but you could say, he said a few other words which represented and insinuated the meaning.

The doctor a local well to do character and the female political leader are both in a comfortable life position - they want to be extreme white - chez nous (keeping our homeland white and pure, and not invaded by low pay workers coming to destroy the quality of our level of life.  Low income people brings a life style that gives a bad "look" to their town)

As the movie goes on, we see the youths coming to clash, the simpler low income immigrants vandalises the nurses car (because she is seen as an undesirable person coming to do harm to their turf) and - unbeknown to her - she has been protected by the extreme right group of extreme right underground service, they jump off a hidden van and started a bashing.

All this is linked to a gentle good looking Marocain/Algerian yg man who used to work in secret for the extreme right group.  He did the dirty work.  Now, split from that group he is engaged in yet another group.  As a youth athlete teacher/ coach, what could he do after conversion?  He changed camps but works in the same type of service.

Through all this, through the nurses short venture into politics as a municipal representative, we see whats involved.

I have just read the "6 sec in Dallas" a book on JFK assassination analysis - very interesting details.  This is in the 60s, and here we are in 2017, at a much smaller scale, in a small town, the type of riff raff that goes on in the mechanism of politics.

I have never paid any interest in this area - after watching the film, suddenly I think, as an Asian looking person, it is fearful for me to come across extreme right groups and also to a lesser degree riff raffs in the housing projects.  

I wonder where is my place if I am stuck in such a society?

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