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Friday, 27 January 2017

FacLab : open book serre joint for Black Night light; Carbon Fiber guqin presentation at

FacLab : open book serre joint for Black Night light


FacLab  :  carbon fiber guqin presentation, 25Jan2017
FacLab University of Genevilliers, Cergy, France;
By: Swannjie Shuengit Natasha Chow, Doc of Art and Sciences of Art. 
Speciality: Interdisciplinary Visual Art
History of guqin, voyager spaceship, golden disc “Murmurs of the Earth” and “Flowing Water” 7mn23sec, Pale Ink, ZebraFish and Chinese Music Interactive graphics game software, Fmttm (Fly me to the Moon, guqin jukebox 24/7).
The carbon fiber guqin, electric qin, computer music qin
Play one track cycle fmttm from my website;
3d Object: carbon fiber guqin
Mei Riqiang: Secondlife demo Digital Guqin Museum
2mn14sec (master player recording for virtual world Secondlife digital guqin museum software instrument)

carbon fiber guqin played by Peiyou – Drunkenness
3mn41sec (young player)

Play a track :: Fmttm 24/7 cd
Dai Xiao Lien: Drunkeness (master player)

Wu Wenguang 广陵散 吴文光 (master player)

Wu Na : Crows at Night (master player prize winner) Jazzy style
Comparable to my Pale Ink software (2004) put on cd-

Echo Ho electric transparent qin at shanghai museum 2013 (transparent electro qin)

Guqin Resonance & Pattern Controller Demo | Jeff Roberts  2013

Yuan zhong ping – poetic recital w guqin 2010

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