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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

cardboard prototypes origami
cardboard prototype techniques, 

Cardboard Layering Tools

Autodesk offers a free online software specifically designed for building layered cardboard prototypes. It’s called Autodesk 123D Make and is fully free.
Layering cardboard requires good cutting tools and good glue. I compare below some of the most popular glues for cardboard and detail which one will fit best for your project.
Tools at a glance:

Folding Tools & Resources

  • Pepakura is a Japanese software to create papercraft models. Results are amazing. Pepakura transforms a 3D model into advanced folding instructions that can be printed on any paper.
  • Folding Techniques is a book on paper folding. Website contains a few interesting videos as well.
  • Interesting Instructables on corrugated paper folding technique

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