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Monday, 30 January 2017

FacLab: Documentation / Jan 2017

Documentation: List of entries for FacLab.  Jan9-27.// 
Shuengit Natasha Chow (Swannjie)

Personal Work

Course Work


FacLab - Gennevilliers

What do we think of the FacLab experience?
The answer to this is multifold, as I review the sequences in my mind, they bring back very good memories.

We all have learnt many many new tech, softwares, ways to make things, the current magic machines and how to use them, apply them to our creative ideas.

Above all, we learnt to work in a team, each with our own personalities and background.

We ate together everyday, chatted, the conviviality is very important to understanding how each person tick; and what they like, their wishes and dreams and battles being fought.

The communal social aspect is very rare once you are outside of your standard schooling environment.  Here at FacLab, we are in a warm and gentle home kitchen environment, you get to relive it again once more.

FacLab is a creativity place, you tinker, you make, people come in and out, you ask a question, somebody may know the answer.  How much more fun it is to be here instead of being alone your own studio!  Its a parallel space where you can go and enjoy a drink or two, meet people.  Learn things, expand yourself, grow, collaborate, join the DIY world movement.  Have an opening to an international FabLab community.  You are plugged in to the world.

As in the movie "Primaire" - which I just saw last week - like that little autistic girl who gets to play an angel instead of a handicap monster, snow flakes sprinkled from above, and God finally realise too, that it takes courage to stay alive, to live, and grow for everybody regardless of age and time.

N.B.:  Another interesting point is, all University trainings are important for self improvement, especially at the end of it, does it help in the next step of the person's development?  After the FacLab experience, it is very clear that, interesting ideas are plenty all around, can you make it happen?  And, after it happens can you sell it?  Circulate it, diffuse it, and enable, grow, make further work possible?  How does a University education link up with the existing job market?  Some University subjects are not necessarily related to employment, work as the next step.  However, is this a valid question to ask vis a vis a subject like "DIY FabLab - numerical fabrication of projects?"?  

Further works during the year at faclab – 

How to scan large objects using high definition cameras and free softwares

DU Output

Project report
Presentation of group diploma project “Black Night Light 2017”.  The mobile version of the “Black Night Light 2017” => “Clamp 2017” will be deployed for use on a parallel carbon fiber guqin table/ air transport case work.

Open book for serrejoint, carbon fiber guqin presentation to regional representatives who financed the faclab program.  Talk content : links to guqin music

projects of various clamps for “Clamp 2017”, table light, book stack, Repetiers, Secondlife export of 3d object files, existing clips+clamps, new, vintage, classic.

photo of Adel, adriuno, make magazine

3d printed elephant using 5 desktop ultimakers – v inventive use of 3d printers.  We could print out guqin instruments in one piece without assemblage.  The adapted Ultimaker is sold in new kit form.  Would faclab consider buying such a printer?  Very good for large publicity/art exhibition/mediatic/ special object type of printing work.

research on clamp type table legs on the market

3d virtual world demo : Digital Guqin Museum music sample
Youtubes : search tags:  FacLab; Swannjie

9// More faclab videos coming ...

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