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Friday, 27 January 2017

FacLab : Black Night Light Mobile version; xyz Guqin: 3d printing aided carbon fiber guqin design + production

photo:Cecile Combaz

FacLab :  Personal Numerical Fabrication of Objects 
University of Genevilliers. 
Group project.
Involved teachers + specialities taught: 3d printing - Christophe Weber; laser cutting - Lisa Benoudiz; Vector drawing - Xavier; vinyl cutting - Jeanne; adriuno - Adel;  electrical - Loic Eonnet; CNC - Adrien; wood turning - Jean-Claude Blayac; budgeting - Loic Eonnet; copy right - Loic; FacLab Managers - Jean-Baptiste, Cecile, Karine; photo - Cecile Combaz; FacLab Founder, conception and setup of a FacLab/FabLab - Laurent Ricard


"Black Night Light" 

group project: Landry, Charlene, Swannjie.

A Black Light tube is installed on the vertical edge of the clamp. 
One movement sensor, and one light sensor are respectively attached at the bottom and the top of the tube.  The adruino board and electric regulators are inserted inside the vertical edge of the clamp.  Electrical wire runs down the rod to an outlet.  

In the evening, you could comfortably get to another area of the house - ie toilet, kitchen etc - without disturbing other people - 

people sleeping - in the same room.

Black Light is a very soft light that reflects only on white and flourescent surfaces, for epileptic people, it is a required, preferred lighting.  As ordinary light is too harsh for their perception.  Therefore this light is designed specially for people with soft lighting needs.

The device could be attached horizontally and vertically anywhere.

There are two versions, the regular "Midnight Black" version and the "Clamp  mobile version.

Clips and Clamps started with a "clip holder" object given as stimulus designed by Loic, inspired by the object, the team began with research with various ways of holding things together; such as velcro, magnets, hooks, elastic... and Landry had the knowledge that Black Lights are necessary for epileptic persons, Charlene wanted to make special boxes with special keys to open and fun games for children, Swannjie wanted to use standard clamping device - as a useful mobile object which could also house the Black Light.  So we had two versions, one fixed with plug in outlet cord, and one mobile, either with batteries or plug in wall outlets.

"Clamp 2017":
Alternate status of the object
by : Swannjie

This object is a customized clamp originally conceived as a clamping device for a night light mobile use.  There are on the market currently led portable small lights which has an integrated battery, you just charge it up and take it anywhere.  Some have integrated clamping clip device. A handy led lamp on a clip.

"Clamp" is a attachment device which is designed to be used as an adjustable mobile table leg.  It could be used singly as shown here, as a special lighting object.  And it could be used as a discreet customised adjustable height table leg - in this case there will be 4 clamps. 

The legs have an adjustable height feature which makes the table a perfect fit with the user.  Such an adjustable table could be used for guqin performances.

It was designed as a component for carbon fiber guqin instrument.  

The carbon fiber guqin comes in a special carbon fiber transport case, which is the exact dimension of airline baggage.  The four carbon fiber clamp legs are integrated into the case.  

To set up, you open the case, take out the carbon fiber guqin, take out the 4 clamp legs, and clamp it onto the case (thickness 10cm)  

You have a perfect table for the guqin, including the case as resonance sound box.

Ready for playing/ performance.

Stay tuned for the carbon fiber prototypes coming !

Worlds first Carbon Fiber guqin: handmade 2015-2016

The 3d printing aided carbon fiber guqin coming!

Update, 20june2017
First 3d printed guqin embryo in bronze filament here...  and presentation at Makerfaire Paris 2017, Cite des Sciences, La Villette.  Paris, here: ...

Phase 2 - the FabLab/Faclab version of xyzQin (numerical fabrication aided carbon fiber guqin).  2017 current

Phase 1 - the traditional method of xyzQin (2traditional lacquer on wood guqins) 2012-2014 (completed)

More: For photos of everyone involved... please stay tuned.  Or check on facebook page coming soon

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