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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

crystal glass from warring states

 I really like the form, somehow its got a perfection in the shape and lines.
The person who made it had something v gentle.  
The lower part of the wall is has a very slight curve - 
unlike objects in the 90s in the style of "designer" glasses 
which is usually v hard edged. (often black and glossy) 
It reminds me that this is the kind of things I like. Glowing, opalescent, soft. 
Really, I like perfection. 
Arts and Crafts perfection. 
Well-madeness in things. Amongst other things.

A writer once told me, he makes a small alter at home, 
and put things that would remind himself of what his focus was -
 it is something to remind himself, a way to not get lost.

This glass has somehow this effect, 
it reminds me of a kind of perfection, 
glowing type of soft perfection.  

That is the qualities in things that I like.

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