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Saturday, 20 August 2016

carbon fiber guqin transparent anti-slip tuning pegs; and Xuanji Tuning pegs

Carbon Fiber Guqin tuning pegs - 

As my carbon fiber guqin is hollow, the tuning pegs must be designed specially.
Initially I used the traditional pegs - the transparent clean pegs as shown in the photo below.  It works just like traditional pegs no problem.
And then I see on the market is a new type of anti-slip tuning pegs - Xuanji pegs - that most qin players admire.  
So I think why not install anti slip pegs for my carbon fiber guqin?  My cf qin is of a hollow thin shell construction.  
The existing anti-slip pegs are designed for traditional massif wood qins.  To use these on a hollow qin, I will need to make some kind of adapters.
So instead of making adapters, I decided to just make my own pegs.
I have created a version of screw and nut for my transparent pegs.  

Now, I must test it over a period of time to see how durable it is. 
Stay tuned, will report back in a few months.

carbon fiber qin with my new anti-slip transparent pegs

carbon fiber guqin with my transparent traditional pegs


吴跃华, 璇玑琴轸发明人
 Mr.Wu Yue Hua; research paper on Xuanji pegs:

the Origin Evolution & Improvement of Guqin Tuning Pegs
古琴琴轸的起源、演变与改良 - See more at:

Guqin Tuning Pegs

Keynote speaker:Wu Yuehua,the inventor of the XUANJI tuning pegs ,吴跃华, 璇玑琴轸发明人 Time: 5/31/2015,1:30pm
Venue:The Chapel, Fort Mason Center,2 Marina Boulevard,  San Francisco, CA94123
Cost: Free admission
- See more at:

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