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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

carbon fiber guqin pegs: classic transparent, and anti-slip transparent by Shuengit 22Aug2016

top :: Transparent pegs with anti-slip, installed on carbon fiber guqin.  22Aug2016 by Shuengit

bottom::  Classic pegs: Transparent pegs by Shuengit

On strings:

I was at a string-making workshop for composite material - the master string maker said, the diameter, the material and the way the thread is made (what type/kind of twisting, whether coated in an outer wrapping/ reinforced string etc all affects the way the string vibrated) whether a string is gd on any specific instrument has to do with whether the string is "in phase" with the instrument itself. That means, whether guqin, guitar, cello, the fundamental principle physical properties do not change. Trying to find the perfect string for any specific instrument (ie guqin - specific to the pt of str #1, #2, #3 etc) you have to fine tune each string. Of course, you could make a string to match your instrument - but depending on the volume of strings needed, sometimes a less wasteful (of time) way is to make a whole range of different types and have instruments come to find its gd match. You bring your instrument and test it, try on, where is the one with the magic "in phase" property? And then, of course, everyone has personal preferences etc etc. Off the shelf sets are very gd, I am sure, some players needs more than off-the-shelf ready to wear strings. Just like in fashion, there is a difference between "customised string-matching-to-instrument" (tailored fitting) and ready-to-wear (off the shelf) strings. All good!!

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