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Monday, 29 August 2016

路边野餐(2016)Kaili Blues ***half, dir Bi Gan


Interesting self presentation.  Very humorous subtle person.
His presentation enticed me to see his movie.
His movie is a lot more melancholic than his lovely story telling of the self laced with humor speech. Could have been stand up comic, lot more consistent than the usual standup comic routine.  Better, more relevant material.
Good poetic film.  I especially like his way of linking the beginning to how he made his movie.
I would think, if we followed his method.  Just imagine if you conducted all his moves, but plugging in your own data, what kind of movie would you get?

Are all stories more or less the same structure?  There is a limited story structure in the world, and you just plug in variables?

I was with a group of movie making people - most of them studied films.
So they wrote up a structure - synopsis of a film - however you ask me to fill in the data, it somehow just wont be the kind of film that I like to make.  I cannot write a script following their "story outline" method.  But here, I think his method, is interesting its a kind of Open Work.

Is it true?
Must test it to know.

Below is the actual movie, a prize winning film.  Golden Horse award.  I think.  Will update after checking

More info concerning independant film investor, producers, 40mn shot



The story is a bitter sweet film recounting what happened to a man and his love the village stories of various people.  We see realistic set ups in the village, lighting soft, and the viewer pieces the stories together themselves.  It is not an explicit documentary.  But the feeling of the landscape, the way people talk, the setting, its very authentic.

Poetic.  In fact, there are free association, stream of consciousness type of metaphor in some of the captions/ subtitles.

Something slow and alive.  Soulful.

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