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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Anomalisa : animation film ****; Carol***

Anomalisa : animation film ****
screenwriter : Charlie Kaufman

very gd, dialogue v gd.
excellent details.
at first, we dont understand why use animation if the film is so realistic?
as it gets on, we see that
so many mental pictures, the sex scene, becomes human nature and not sordide or x-rated.
v gd details.

the sex scene is excellent.
how the girl bumps her head
how the man has to be so careful w her as he doesnt really know her
the girl apologizes all the time
he is a v demanding irritable man, and in fact, for sure, if its a longer duration, nobody could live w such a man
but for the short duration, he has given Anamalisa love and self confidence, tenderness.

the singing part is really good
Cindy Laupers song - music and content of the lyrique fit so well w the character.
The same song sung in Italian.  We know more about Lisa.  She is a simple sweet girl.

I enjoy seeing the film as it gets further down the story.
How difficult it is for todays people to make a life together, or not together, for a short time or for a long time?

Carol - with Cate Blanchett ***
vintage retro film w glamour

Story of love between 2 women, a rich one, kept controlled by her husband. 
She finally breaks away to join a younger woman, who may or may not be so interested or courageous to begin living w her.

We see the younger woman, a sales girl, who wants to become photographer and makes it.  She has independant spirit and got slowly into her job position.  Would she feel used by the richer woman, lover?

She decided to join the more worldly older, sincere woman.
What will come of it?  Nobody knows.

Todays films no longer give the audience any "happily ever after" type of story telling.  Because as experienced viewers and with internet, we all know, nothing really has any promise of endurance.  And what remains is, who has the power?  Who could last on their own without relying on the other?  We are all fragile in our contemporary world.  Or, we are all self reliant beings otherwise, its not going to be pretty.

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