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Thursday, 24 September 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 57 : - Collages - Psychedelic Architecture

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 57  :  Psychedelic Architecture - visual collage; collages

A collage and graphic play with photos of structurally normal, real life architecture.

Mind-Boggling Psychedelic Architecture
Designer Michael Jantzen's series, entitled Deconstructing the Houses, likes to combine different art forms, architecture and photography. "My work has always evolved through extreme innovation as I strive to expose new thinking, primarily through the re-invention of the built environment," says Jantzen. Simply by taking fragments of the whole image, rotating, and re-piecing them together like a collage, the multi-faceted artist manages to create a new universe.
source: my modern met

Other collages:

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