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Saturday, 5 September 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 51 : Paris Design Week - 4-12Sept2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 51 : Paris Design Week - 4-12Sept2015

What is "Design"?  
How does the eye + hand + smell + touch/taste + sounds reflect the perceptions of our world?

At the end of the day, I have seen a lot of very good ideas, and beautiful objects; reflecting, enhancing, helping, recycling, inducing, perfecting life styles.

Eye candies, soft comfy life, ideological realisations, or sumptuous self pampering settings.
As Yves Saint Laurent says, his clothes are beautiful, when a woman doesnt have a pair of real arms to hold her, this is next best, to have beautiful clothes to hold her.  But that, is something else. Cannot really be solved directly with design.

At the end of the day, these objects are v nice and beautiful, but they are just objects - in the end, any real people is thousands times more important than pretty objects.

Here are lovely things, second best to real human attention:

My picks, pictures that I have taken, and objects that I find interesting :

> Granules of wax for a special wax candle ambiance device - made by HK designer, using Malaysian Palm wax. (pic)  The designer answered my query that a certain "Chinese wax" is made of soy bean wax... which has low melting temperature. 
Glue Associates, Xavier Tsang; BeCandle,

> Recycled leather by LINDDNA - made in Danemark.  A piece of recycled leather as a coaster.  Smells like leather.  Very compact pressed leather.

> Danish architect design, by Lassen, v clean lines w vintage wood tractor stool (pic)

> "Collect Stories not Things" - Magazine of small object design in a box -
 Soliphor vase by Shanghai designer, comic book face clocks - each month the subscriber gets a flyer with explanation of the object inside a box.  Its stories with a real object.

>Humorous shelves with glossy hair as curtain, graphic lion/bear as rug, and very clean simple curvious shapes for side tables, tubes for chairs. (pic)

> transparent drapping clear tables - 25kg maximum - as a side table (pic)

>Giant size knitting wool cushions (pic)

> Very beautiful master craftsmen - wood shelves, stools, clocks.  (pic)

>a room with many many little drawers, curiosity installation.  A revisiting of old time curiosity cabinets with nature, minerals, and art objects (pic)

>Table basse design Loll L by Pulpo
This is such an elegant idea, just one round disk of metal, and you pull the edges apart, to form a table.  Maybe heat up the small lace edge to pull.  (pic) Not foldable

Table basse design Loll L by Pulpo

> soaps in shape of gold bars.  Somebody must love this, symbolic wishes and love - no ambiguity!  Only for the price of a bar of soap.  It must be a big seller.  It has been used as chocolates, perfumes, and some artists used as art work w rice... everybody knows what a gold bar means each in their own way. (pic)

Harcourt Photomaton - this is one kind of design.

The Harcourt Photomaton is an example of a design installation.
Studio lighting is set up in a glamourous booth, you put in 10euros, and get a DIY photo.
It is set up for the pleasure of everyone.  This is a glamourous moment, self conscious and you want to "play" a part.

Compared to the photomathon of ancient days, where you get a strip of 4 poses, its much more formal.
The strip of 4 poses is an everyday souvenir set up in a department store, or subway stop.  It is related to a fun moment in an everyday event.  Here, you want to record yourself as truthfully as possible, or as playful as possible.

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