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Thursday, 24 September 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 56 : Dancing and Contortion Act

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 56  :  Dancing and Contortion Act 

Dancing and ballet and all the talent shows today, cirque de soleil... yoga, kung fu, body performances; music and body movements.

Janine Janik & Christian Arnaut, Snake Dance Contortion-Schlangentanz-Kontorsion-Some Dance with "a snake", Colgate Comedy Hour, 1954
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Blog article by John Towsen from…/best-contortion-act-eve…

The typical contortion act — you know, with the platform and the mouthpiece and the 13-year-old girl doing a Marinelli bend — puts me to sleep. And then there's the snake dance of French performers Janik & Arnaut — Janine Janik (1931 - 1985) & Christian Arnaut (1912 - 2003). This isn't exactly physical comedy since they're not going for the laughs, but the partnering work is amazing: not just the unique positions, but the sinuous flow of the snake around the charmer's body. In most partner acrobatics, the base is muscling a lot of the moves; here, much of it is accomplished with little or no use of Arnaut's hands, much less his biceps; he guides more than he lifts.

The translation of an excerpt from Your Blog John Towsen

A typical number "rubber"-well, you know, with пъедесталом, зубником and 13-year-old Girl, rendering it боген-puts me in a dream. And all of a sudden, dance with "snake" French artists яник and arnault-janine яник (1931-1985) and Christian Arnault (1912-2003). It's not exactly "physical comedy" because they don't do nothing funny about it, but their pairwise dance amazing: The unforgettable poses, извилистое the snakes around the body заклинателя. In most of the numbers of the couple s' акробатики many movements is committed by the forces of the lower. There's many of them are made with minimal the participation of the hands of the arno, or even without them, especially without the participation of his bicep. He sends more than raises.

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